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The Magic Leaf
The magic leaf book

The book is about a small town boy who learns the value of friendship. A medieval, Italian town named Roseto serves as the backdrop. The beautiful and colourful illustrations – all done in paper collage style – depict different parts of the town and journey.

Although, the story unfolds in a different time and place, the message is universal and timeless.See Sample Pages 

Reading Age: 6-10
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Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You

humanitarians visionaries heroes and you

This book is a collection of seven inspiring mini-biographies. The author uses the voices of Mattie Stepanek, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Terry Fox, Craig Kielburger, and her own reflections to encourage the reader to join a growing movement towards social responsibility and global citizenship.See Sample Pages 

Reading Age: 12+
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Big and Small in the Mirror
(an eBook)


Friends Carlo and Marco learn the effects of bullying on their self-images and that positive relationships help them grow.

A discussion page appears at the end of the story to help you facilitate a deeper understanding of the issue of bullying with your child.

The author creates empathy for the victims while at the same time showing that bullies don’t feel good about themselves.

BIG and Small in the Mirror is the first of a trilogy of books about bullying that happens in the school environment. The author uses the same characters and setting as The Magic Leaf. Each book will focus on a different aspect of bullying.

Price: $3.99 CAD

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The Invisible Boy
(an eBook)


Carlo learns what it feels like to be invisible at school. This is the second eBook of the Bullying trilogy. Like Big and Small in the Mirror, this book has discussion questions at the end of the story. It is also a stand-alone.

Appropriate for Grades 3-5 (reading age 8-10).

Price: $3.99 CAD

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